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Twitter Marketing

A few crisp, well-timed, strategically deployed tweets can bring more benefits to a brand than camping for extended periods of time on many other platforms. The micro-blogging platform that’s taken the world by storm is now clocking over 50 million users that access the network every day. With a 200 percent rise in the unique active users, brands, both big and small have begun to recognize the rich dividends that await them. The user cross-section of the Tweeple as they are known; reveals a wide range of people from multiple ethnic and socio-cultural backgrounds. From the regular Joe, to distinguished personalities, the lure of Twitter attracts them all.

The sheer nature of the 140 Character design ensures that the delivery of the message being conveyed be as crisp and concise as possible. It can therefore be a tough environment, where the brand communication must also be engaging and interesting to the recipient. This underlines the efforts and perseverance that’s required to build a loyal following for the brand. In the end, the fans must be willing to provide valuable insights into their habits and preferences during the course of regular interactions over a sustained period of time.

Cosmos Star Consultants has been working in close conjunction with some of the most renowned names in the industry, to ensure that their engagement mix is spot on. Strategic directions are conceptualized and put into place, following in-depth discussions with the brand to understand their requirements. These are then deployed at pre-determined intervals to help achieve results that consistently out-perform the industry benchmark indices.

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