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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"If content is king, then conversion is queen." – John M

2/3 people who use search engines only click on the top three results.

Does your website feature in the top 3 on a search page?

If online marketing features prominently in your brand's marketing strategy, then SEO for your website should be on the top of your business's marketing list. As an SEO Company in Dubai we help your website feature on the top of the SERP page.

The true meaning of SEO or Search Engine Optimization | SEO in Dubai, UAE

Think that you've made a website for your business and it is looking really good. It has a great design and informative text. But how do you get people to visit your website to look at the great text and design. The simplest and most organic way to do that is to direct people from search engines to your website which our SEO Company in Dubai is adept at.

But how do you get search engines to pick your website to display in search results? The answer is: optimize your website for the search engine with our Online SEO Solution.

The first thing you need is a SEO strategy that integrated with your offline strategy and that helps you find a unique place in the digital world.

Our Dubai SEO Services builds your SEO strategy which covers everything listed below:
- Including relevant keywords in the text so that it is easier for search engine bots to find your website
- Re-write the Title, Heading and page description for every page of your website
- Include and optimize Meta tags for every page on your website
- Optimizing links on your page and making it easy to navigate
- Re-checking the relevance of every page on your website and making sure none of them return any errors and load quickly in a browser.
- Building relevant links on third-party sites to direct people from other websites to your site.

Our Online SEO Solution is offered by a team of SEO experts and creative content writers who create a winning SEO strategy for your brand that will place your business on the top of search engine results page.

Cosmos Star Conslutants Services is a Dubai and UAE based web-solutions company armed with a dedicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team. We firmly believe that the most effective way to deliver results is through a multi-level approach. This is why, when clients contact us with their requirements, we evaluate them from the twin perspectives of On-Site as well as Off-Site optimization.

On-Site Optimization

This refers to a targeted process by which, the content on a website is systematically overhauled. It is done with the intention of making the site more search-engine friendly. For a more detailed understanding, simply follow this link

Off-Site Optimization

This offshoot of SEO, takes a broader approach to improving a site’s chances of being recognized by search engines. Off-Site promotions include all such methods that are used to generate and direct traffic, through content that is showcased across various digital platforms.For a more detailed understanding, simply follow this link

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