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The Princeton Review

Summary Information

Client: Princeton Review ME
Aim: Increase brand awareness on SERPs and improve site’s traffic &ranking.
Time Frame: One Year.
Enablers of Success: Strategic approach to SEO; research and analysis of   local   online treads; passion and desire for results.

The Challenge 
Some of the principal challenges included:

  • Hyper-competitive market
  • Site structure and lay-out
  • SEO competition from established brands

The Accomplishments
A performance record for some of the most competitive keywords is as under:

Keywords Before After
GMAT Training Dubai NA 7
SAT test in Duba NA 3
GRE test in Dubai NA 3
TOEFL coaching in Doha NA 8
ACT test in Dubai NA 8

A snapshot of PrincetonReviewME’s Google Analytics report exhibiting the rise in inbound traffic: