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Online Media Buying & Planning

Marketing today has evolved into a priceless digital function. It has transformed into an ever-evolving ecosystem and thrives on pioneering developments that made on a daily basis. Together, these offer a diverse number of pathways, which a savvy marketer can leverage to help brands in reaching their target customers.

While the sheer variety of options is bound to put many in a tizzy, at Cosmos Creative Services, we revel in such conditions. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver bespoke, digital marketing solutions that assist brands in reaching out to their target customers. To achieve this, we deploy our own custom mix of media plans that cover the entire digital eco-space.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and requirements. Once the best mix of media platforms have been identified, our digital media buying and planning team starts negotiating with publishers. Keeping the client needs in mind, our media buyers identify the media platforms that can be favorably leveraged for the particular campaign. Once the process is complete, we then begin negotiations with platform publishers. One of the guiding factors in deciding the suitability of the media platform is the page views and page rankings.

Once a campaign is approved and taken live, we begin tracking it via our proprietary measurement tools. Through continuous improvement modeling, we ensure that our client campaigns achieve the maximum Click Through Rates (CTR).
Over the years, we have cemented our position as the leading name for digital advertizing avenues such as banner ads in Dubai and UAE.  For a better understanding on how you can achieve greater success in meeting your business targets, contact us today!

Niche Advertising

Niche Advertising or Niche Marketing is a promotional technique that identifies market spots where the demand is high but the supply still hasn’t managed to keep up with it. It then targets just these specific market gaps, with focused promotion campaigns that are designed to elicit responses from this narrow but concentrated group of potential customers. Read more...

Types of Online Advertising

Online Advertising or Digital Advertising has grown from a niche promotional activity into a mainstream one. Banner Ads have been registering strong growth rates in the past years. Besides catchy design and great content, the one factor that decides the effectiveness of a banner ad is the platform that it is displayed upon. Read more...