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Move In Dubai

Summary Information

Client: Move In Dubai
Aim: Increase brand awareness on SERPs and improve site’s traffic &ranking.
Time Frame: 6 months.
Enablers of Success: An expert and inventive team of SEO professionals with wide ranging knowledge of the local SEO market.

The Challenge 
Move in Dubai chose Cosmos Star Consultants’ SEO to boost their real estate business through increased traffic and improved search rankings. The client's position was very weak with regard to their online presence, visibility, traffic, and lead generation. As all these areas are instrumental for the successful web promotion of a business, more so for a real estate business, so we had to pay close and equal attention to all the competitive keywords simultaneously. 

The Accomplishments
A performance record for some of the most competitive keywords is as under:

Keywords Before After
Rental Properties in Dubai NA 10
Dubai houses for rent 199 5
Dubai Rentals NA 4

A snapshot of Move in Dubai’s Google Analytics report, exhibiting 100 per cent rise in inward traffic is as under: