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Summary Information

Aim: Increase site visibility on Google SERPs and enhance online credibility of Hiamag online magazine brand. 
Time Frame: 6 months.
Enablers of Success: A skilled and creative team of SEO professionals with wide ranging experience of the local SEO market. 

The Challenge 
Some of the principal challenges included:

  • Large number of diverse keywords
  • Competitive keywords/key phrases
  • Competition from local players with well equipped SEO strategies

The Strategy
Hiamag needed a smart campaign that would create enough impressions on search engines to meet the site's revenue targets. For this we worked on fine-tuned keyword selection to lay down the groundwork for a competent and effective SEO campaign. Our understanding of the local search patterns and trends helped us to develop and deploy the best SEO strategy for our Hiamag client and thus enabled us to establish a effective search volume/target for their site.

The Accomplishments
Within the first three months of the SEO campaign, the Hiamag started to appear on the first page of Google for competitive key phrases and traffic increased from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. Although new, the site has already established itself on Google SERPs for most of its targeted keywords in UAE. 

A snapshot of Hiamag’s Google Analytics report exhibiting a rise in inbound traffic: