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Facebook Marketing

Our digitally connected world has forever changed the way business is conducted. Brands have begun recognizing the potential impact of word-of-mouth publicity and personal recommendations on bottom line sales. Social Media Marketing has carved out its own niche in the broad marketing budget and most brands, big and small are surfing along on the social wave.

With almost 1 in 8 people being registered users, Facebook is the largest social networking platform with all others lagging behind. Thus, for any brand to succeed in the social space, establishing a presence on Facebook is often the first and perhaps the most important step.

Facebook offers multiple avenues for brands to show case themselves. This can be in the form of a local business page, fan pages, a group page, organization page, etc. The social media requirements for each client are different from the next. This maxim holds true, even for those that compete in the same business segment and are targeting the same Facebook fan demographic. Thus, each of our Facebook marketing initiatives is customized as per client needs.

Our bouquet of SMO services is specifically tailored towards establishing your presence on Facebook. Here’s a sampling of how we can help leverage your brand:

  • Assessing and recommending the category under which a brand identity is to be established on Facebook
  • Hosting dedicated brand pages that feature bespoke design elements and customized landing tabs
  • Building fan interaction through crisp, informative posts on a regular basis
  • Holding exciting contests, polls, quizzes, questions, etc. to engage fans and improve the brand connect with them
  • Uploading appropriate videos, that support and reinforce the brand image, on the page
  • Leveraging the power of ‘Facebook Events’ and organizing regular interactive sessions amongst fans and the brand
  • Encouraging existing fans to recommend the brand among their peer group through ,multiple ways, in a bid to improve the fan base
  • Welcoming fans to share their sentiments, suggestions and thoughts about the brand and its activities
  • Actively responding to the queries and acknowledging suggestions to help strengthen the relationship between the brand and its fans

A key factor for brands to embrace Facebook is the ability to run dedicated adverts for a captive audience. Adverts can be tailored as per the target demographic against a wide range of variables. Fans can be targeted on the basis of their age, gender, relationship status, hobbies, languages, interests, etc. With such segmented targeting being within reach, we leverage the strength of Facebook adverts in the following ways:

  • Creation of tailored Facebook adverts that are relevant to the brand
  • Refreshing the advert creative on a weekly basis
  • Bulk advert editing
  • Custom-targeting of adverts against parameters. For e.g.  Location, language, hobbies, etc.
  • Detailed analysis and research on the gathered data to optimize future brand initiatives
  • Running multiple adverts that appeal to a broader cross-section of fans while remaining loyal to the target demographic

To know more, contact us today! We’ll fix up an appointment to strategize on how to improve your brand visibility on Facebook.