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Content Creation

- We live and breathe words. -Cassandra Clare

Content that is both, valuable as well as informative to the targeted readers, is a valuable asset to have for a brand. A company that has just brought out a white-paper on a particular topic makes it available to site visitors. The condition for such an exchange is that the visitor submits their email address to them, together with the permission to be contacted in the future. This is a classic example of Content Marketing.

Simply put, Content Marketing aims to attract prospective customers through the creation and distribution of relevant information. It then goes about converting these prospects into customers and customers into loyal brand advocates in a self-propagating chain-reaction. Unlike a sales pitch that focuses on closing the deal in a single move; Content Marketing is used to create lasting engagement among consumers. Such a move opens up multiple opportunities to strengthen the brand connect with the consumer over a significant period of time. Thus, Content Marketing is unlike conventional marketing approaches that prefer to interrupt rather than building a bond with consumers. It achieves this goal by enticing the consumer with targeted information of high quality that seeks to engage and generate positive reactions towards the brand.

At Cosmos Star Consultants, we offer a wide range of benefits to Brands as part of our SEO Content Marketing services. These include:

  • Targeted articles containing subtle references that entice readers to the brand, through carefully selected keywords
  • Content Reviews on existing site
  • Content Creation for upcoming websites
  • Develop and maintain blogs on behalf of clients
  • Proof Reading services

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